Ariel´s Crown.

If you are going to throw a Little Mermaid Themed Party, these Crowns will be Perfect for the Girls. 

You´ll need:

- Headbands.
- White Tulle.
- Golden Foamy. If you don´t get this colour, use yellow foamy and golden paper (wrap the foamy with the paper).
- Precious stones to decorate.
- Hot glue gun or white glue.
- Crown template. (Click here to download it.).

Cut tulle strips about 15 X 60 cms. You´ll need five for each headband. Tie the tulle strips from the middle towards the ends, as it is shown in the pictures.

Tulle Strips.Tulle Strips.

When all the strips are tied up, decorate the tulle with precious stones. 

Use the template to cut out the crown shape and glue it to the headband. The lower part of the crown should be glued to the headband. Girls shouldn´t wear the headbands over the head, but on the hairline. Therefore, the ends of the headband will be placed horizontally. Headbands won´t fall down due to the tulle.   

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  5. Make your own seashell mermaid crown! ... There is nothing as enchanting as a crown covered in shells!


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