Crystal Crowns or Tiaras.

Precious "Crystal" Crowns or Tiaras.

Crystal Crowns or Tiaras are not made of real crystal, but your girls will imagine they are! hahaha :))

Remember to fit the crown to the girl´s head adding more plastic if necessary. 

I think it´s great for Princess Parties, where girls can dress up with it. You can make the same for boys, but with a Prince kind of design. It could be great as a Party Activity, since every kid can make their crown as they wish. Just give them all the material already cut.  

It´s nice for Fairies Parties, Princess Parties, or as a Craft a girl can make in a winter afternoon.

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  1. You can make the same for boys, solitaire spider 2 suits.

  2. make a crystal crowns is great, you also have fun with your child on duck life