Princess Castle.
I love this castle! You may think I always say the same, but it is like this: Easy to Make, it looks really Beautiful, and you Recycle Materials to make it.  

You need:

- Two cardboard boxes. One of them should be bigger than the other.

-  Four cardboard cooking paper rolls.

- Gift-wrapping paper, stickers, or princess printables with the theme of the party.

- Four cardboard toilette paper rolls.

- Poster board or foamy. You can use temperas or acrylic paint, even though glossy paper or some beautiful paper you want to use to decorate your castle.

- Glue,  scissors, toothpicks, little flags.
- Decorative jewelry stones.


Paint and wrap all the cardboard boxes and rolls. The boxes must be perfectly closed and the lids have to be fixed. Stick the little box over the big one, just in the middle.  

Use glossy paper, foamy, or poster board to make eight cones that fit together with the paper rolls. Stick the cones on top of the rolls to make the roof of the towers. Once you´ve made each tower, stick the cooking paper rolls to each of the four corners of the big box. Stick the toilette paper rolls to each of the four corners of the small box.  

Balcony in a Princess Castle.
Use glossy paper or foamy to make the balconies and the doors of the castle. Keep in mind that you are going to place the princesses  on the balconies. Therefore, the size of the balconies must fit with the size of the princesses. 

Cut the princesses you are going to use from the gift-wrapping paper (or from the stickers), and stick them on the balconies. Glue some of the princesses on poster board, and stick them on matchboxes (or any little box you may have) to stand them up and to place them nerby the castle. Highlight all the elements of the princesses you like the most: their crowns or jewelry, using glitter, beads, wool, ribbons... 

Princess Next to the Castle.To end it up, decorate according to your taste using jewels, little flags, stickers, ribbons, candies... whatever you want! 

You can keep the castle for the birthday girl, so she can play with it and the princesses.

From Ani1424

Princess Next to the Castle.

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